Saturday, November 8, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #8

"Snowy Contemplation" was the overwhelmingly popular favorite of the night. It has long been one of my mom's favorite photos, pretty much ever since I took it. But I had no idea of the mass reach. 

Everyone wanted to know if it was staged.

The answer is a resounding NO - it's called good timing! 

I was driving (very carefully) through Forest Park, near the Muny. This is Pagoda Circle in the midst of a late March snowstorm in 2013. You know, the one with the near record snowfall? 

I happened across this person under that beautiful rainbow umbrella (likely another crazy photographer like myself) and saw the concept in my head. I rolled down my window and quickly took the photo before the subject moved or the snow started sticking to my lens.

In "post", I did nothing but a little 'dodge and burn' to highlight that beautiful rainbow umbrella just a hint. 

Almost everyone who came up to me said that "Snowy" was their favorite of all. I truly had no idea how powerful/popular of a piece it was!

Up next: The advertisement image.

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