Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #11


This is "Lyrics" - the only photo out of geographic order because I needed another vertical piece to balance out "Arch/Crunden Martin". This is also the one that people still don't get after looking at it and looking at it.

This is part of the Chuck Berry statue in the Loop. Part of the statue is in the concrete plaza and there are 5 lines of lyrics that make up guitar strings. That particular lyric is from "Johnny B Goode", FYI.

I took this photo on a night photo walk with a now disbanded Meetup.com group.

Thanks for sticking through this behind-the-scenes tour of my first solo show. As of today, you have ONE more week to check it out in person before it is deinstalled to make room for the next one (not mine)!

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