Monday, November 10, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #10

Creve Couer Sunset

For those of who have been following my photography lately, you've noticed that I'm obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. The cloudier the sky, the more dramatic and colorful. The key is the right type of clouds and the clouds that stick. And I'm quickly learning that clouds and sunsets can be completely different in different places.

But I digress... my obsession with Creve Couer Lake stemmed with a challenge of sorts. It was told to me that if you follow Midland from University City to Maryland Heights, you never have to change streets and you dead-end at the lake. Well... one promising looking day, I tried that experiment and what did you know... it was true! 

In addition to it being a beautiful place (that I know I haven't even BEGUN to explore), it's also home to a rowing club or two. Often, they are out practicing at sunset, making themselves wonderful photo subjects.

I love the extremely dramatic sky combined with the silhouette of the rowers. (And it took MANY passes to get this because ironically, not all the rowers row every time!)

Up next: Last but not least, the most hidden and closest to 'home'

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