Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Laid Plans...

... for an entry, but here it is, almost Saturday, and I can't miss a day. Unexpectedly went to see Australia tonight with parents and friends. Very Baz Luhrmann, very lovely film. Not the world's greatest movie, no - but definitely lovely to look at. More than a few corny moments, but ah well - it wouldn't be a Baz film without it.

I share with you tonight this:

Well-Lit Tree

I really do love low-light pictures - I can't say exactly why. Perhaps its the challenge to get it 'just right' or what-have-you. But I really enjoy the holiday season because of all the new opportunities out there. And sometimes people get creative, just like this, and make me happy because of its beauty and the challenges required to capture said beauty.

Here's to catching more before the season's out...

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