Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts on LA


My thoughts today, thanks to some singer colleagues are towards LA today. A few former Studio Artists are out in LA for a bit, and I made some restaurant recommendations which really got me thinking about how much I miss some of those restaurants.

Here are some of my favorites, in case you're ever in the area.

Yang Chow. Hands down the best chinese food I have had. Slippery shrimp are a Yang Chow specialty and aren't to be missed. I've even see Yang Chow friend rice listed in other chinese restaurants elsewhere in the country. Coincidence? I think not. And I've yet to find a version of slippery shrimp elsewhere in the country. Great locations in Chinatown (a little busy at lunch) and in Pasadena, a mere three blocks or so from my old apartment.

President Thai. Best Thai I've ever had. There's a dish there called Chicken Noodle which I also haven't found elsewhere in the country, not for lack of trying. I came close in Brookline, MA, this summer, but it just wasn't the same. Did I mention this place was two blocks from my apartment in Pasadena?

Amalfi's A really good italian place in a little restaurant near downtown Pasadena. Not quite in Old Town, and a little off the main drag but damn tasty stuff.

There's a great Mongolian BBQ place that is at Rosemead and Colorado whose name I can't recall but it was mighty tasty too.

I'm sure there's more tasty places that I adored, but those certainly top the list.

Damn, I really really want some Yang Chow now... damn it!

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