Monday, December 15, 2008

Oops.../Happy List, Week 3

Perfect Rose

I forgot Sunday! It was a bit of a crazy day yesterday and time ran away. I guess I'll have to double post today to make up for it. And by double post, meaning two note-worthy posts instead of this little pathetic excuse.

Let's start with a Happy List, Week 3:

1. Kitchen-Aid mixers. I want one, but not until I stop moving all the time and when they're less expensive. Or I'll just wait and register for one when I get married.

2. Rainbow nonpareil sprinkles. My favorite cookie topping ever. Other sprinkles are just not the same.

3. Sugar Cookies. My favorite cookie of all time because you can add almost anything as topping or leave it plain and it's still a good cookie. Plus the recipe I've used for years makes a gajillion of them - enough to share and enough to keep.

4. Cuddly puppies. I'm dog-sitting for a few days with my pups; and when the parents are gone, the pups get extra clingy and cuddly. It's really quite adorable. And when the temperature drops really low, its very warm too!

5. Ziploc bags. Yes, it's a funny item to include but they're really quite useful when you're trying to reduce the area taken up by something boxy and also are great for organizing.

6. Cheez-It Duoz Sharp Cheddar/Parmesan: great late-nite snack when you're hungry but not hungry for something specific. Thanks to LK for introducing me to those back in August.

7. Good friends who despite their schedule are able to reconnect - even if it's for a few minutes and takes more than a few tries. I am really trying to get better about keeping in touch with people. It's a whole reversal of last winter.

8. My 1TB external hard drive. For being half "Time Machine" - Apple's unique snapshot back-up system and being half "I don't have room for this" storage space. My computer is about three years old, and going pretty strong. Some of the keys are a little worn but no major problems so far. Except for the great lack of HD space. I tried to get a bigger HD, but they just weren't making them then. And guess what is overpopulating my HD? Pictures.

9. Presents. I really enjoy giving presents, and knowing that I picked a good one. A friend once told me I have quite the knack - and I'd like to say that it's true a good majority of the time - especially if I have the time to think about it. This year, my presents aren't big, but they're meaningful.

10. the Holidays. Because no matter how busy people are, they still manage to find time because it is family time. And those of us that do not have families of our own? We connect with each other.

This list was a little harder this week because there wasn't anything super exciting that happened in the last week. I came back from Chicago; and continued my West Wing marathon inbetween other obligations. Pretty much of a homebody and I loved it.

Now, it's time to go to the kitchen for cookie baking - perhaps my next post will involve pictures - as long as I don't get the camera all flour-y!

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