Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome Home - A Numbers List

215: the number of days since I have set foot in my apartment (yikes!)

7: the number of months those days represent

2: the number of seasons that have passed (in theory, since Houston has a complete lack of seasons)

2: the number of interesting events I have missed while I was gone (Hurricane Ike, snow in Houston)

3: the number of contracts I've completed in that time

at least 9: the number of friends visited in my downtime between contracts

countless: the number of kisses and cuddles from both of my adorable pups, Tommy & Pippin

far too many: the number of photos taken between May and December

14: the number of hours (give or take an hour or two) spent driving on Christmas day & Boxing Day

6: the number of trips back and forth from the car to my apartment (at least)

5: the number of dead bugs I found upon arrival (but at least I knew my extermination request went through)

countless: the number of kleenexes used by this poor allergy-ridden blog writer - between the dust and Houston's own special mix, I'm in hell temporarily.

70,000: the milestone milage that my car surpassed somewhere just outside of Texarkana, TX.

16: the number of items on my self-imposed to-do list (so far, it grows gradually during the day as I think of more items)

6: the number of hours I've slept the last two nights, each night, not in total.

3: the number of pillows in my very own bed which I get to sleep in tonight

3: the number of blankets run through the washer/drier due to possible Ike/fumigation contamination

1: the amount of laundry loads done in addition (bedsheets/towels)

1: the number of working sinks in my apartment (out of two).

2: the number of items on my maintenance request.

1: the number of trash bags used so far

2: the number of recycling bags ready to go

1: the number of boxes filled for Goodwill (more to come, hopefully, because I haven't even started)

110: the number of programs waiting to be watched on my DVR


Mom said...

2: the parents who miss you!
2: the terriers who miss you!

Ann said...

Awwww! I miss you guys too!