Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicago Highlights

This was a last minute, though loosely planned trip, to Chicago. Thanks to RT & HT for being so flexible in their plans! I managed to escape most of the bad weather on both ends; and had a blast while I was there. I can't wait to go back, especially when it is warmer.

Here are several of my favorite shots from this trip, in no particular order:

Heads Up! - Falling ice Chandelier


Watching Closely

Cloud Gate aka Bean

Center of the Bean II

Glass Globes Macy's Christmas Tree

I'm most proud of these pictures. The first was taken post-flight, hand-held, after sunset. I still can't believe it came out. The second was taken in-flight, while we were flying over the Lake. Again, though the ride was fairly smooth, I still had my zoom lens on and I can't believe it came out so clearly.

The Plane We Flew In

Chicago Skyline

Oh yeah, and you know those snowflakes we use as decoration in this season? Perfectly symmetrical, and all that? They really do exist... and I have the photo to prove it:

Snowflake - Up Close & Personal

Not every flake that fell on our coats that day was this perfect, but this one was magical!

As always, you can see more here, as there are many many more not included in this post.

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Lindsay said...

That snowflake is amazing...I always thought the perfect flake was a myth but I guess not.

The puppies are cute, too.