Friday, December 19, 2008


Old-Fashioned Mic

Tonight, a college friend was in town every so briefly, on tour with Manhattan Transfer. She hooked me and my parents up with tickets and we enjoyed a lovely evening's entertainment. She & the group literally change cities every single day. Yesterday, they were in Des Moines and tomorrow they'll be in Lexington. Talk about a busy tour! But it must be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, we go see our neighbor MK perform in a cabaret - it's a musical weekend for us!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon and I can start posting new pictures instead of oldies but goodies.

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Mom said...

We LOVED the Manhattan Transfer concert! Be sure to tell L how very much so. Manhattan Transfer's take on Christmas is very fine, It was terrific to see L, even briefly after the concert. Safe Travels!