Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Lights

Enough with the chatty - here's some pictures to enjoy!

Yes, this is my second post on Christmas Lights - quite a lot for this non-Christian. But it's because of this one tree:

Houstonian Christmas Tree - Back

Houstonian Christmas Tree

I happened upon it by accident, because of SuperShuttle. A patron was being dropped off there before I was to be dropped off: this was last year at Thanksgiving time. I hadn't seen a Christmas tree decorated like that before and due its size, it really caught my eye.

Now armed with my DSLR, I had to go back and recapture it. While a friend and I were trying to find the tree, we happened across a few other impressive displays, so I paid those a visit as well.

Candles & Wreath


A Row of Trees

11th & Heights

Variation on Tree & Ornaments

Small White Lit Trees

There are more on flickr, as usual.

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