Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy List, Week 5

Perfect Rose

In no particular order.

1. McDonalds fries. Yes, I've seen Super Size Me and yet I just can't break my occasional indulgence. Hands down my favorite fast food, one that I try to only indulge when I'm on the road.

2. My ability to pack my car efficiently. It's a practice I've been working on since I left for college and I've got it refined pretty well. I know generally what fits where when I'm the driver and I pack it so I can still use my rearview mirror.

3. Fountain sodas. I usually only drink Diet Coke when I have to (i.e. when I'm traveling and when I'm working and not sleeping much). I'm one of those weird ones who likes Diet Coke with Lime. When I can't find that, I'll combine Sprite & Diet Coke to get the next best thing. Therefore, I like when I can mix my own drink versus getting one handed to me.

4. Chocolate Bar. Because it has chocolate-y goodness and has some great cakes and ice cream. A good welcome-back-to-Houston place to go.

5. Febreeze. Because febreeze is probably one of the main reasons why my apartment doesn't stink from the Refrigerator Fiasco.

6. Michael's Arts and Crafts clearance bins for putting some cross-stitch projects I've been looking at on clearance. Because of that, I got 4 projects for the price of two - with the help of their 50% off coupon as well.

7. House of Pies. Its greasy goodness was missed - it's a cute little diner and you never really know who you'll run into there. Ran into random opera star unexpectedly (he has family in town).

8. IHOP for being open on Christmas Day when this poor traveler was a-travelin'. And for having good food, too.

9. Google Maps for teasing me by routing me by two of my to-do list locations. At least it refreshes my drive and desire to knock places off my list.

10. AT&T U-Verse for it's pretty darn amazing DVR system and the fact that you can program it from afar. It helped me maintain my DVR list so I have all new-to-me episodes waiting for my arrival.


Lindsay said...

I am now craving McD's fries AND HoP pecan pie...

Ann said...

Hee hee! You're welcome! One you can take care of now, the other, well, you'll just have to come back and visit.