Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy List, Week 4

Perfect Rose

Here we go again:

1. Frank and Helen's Pizza. It's a little Mom and Pop pizza joint that my family and I have been going to for as long as I can remember. I used to sit up on the counter when I was really little (they have an abnormally high counter) and we used to call them like clockwork every Sunday. They used to have our order down pat. Every time I'm in town, I beg my parents to have F&H's at least once. It's SO good and no one can duplicate it.

2. The new Polartec. The new Polartec is warmer, fleecier, softer and closer-knit. It is SO great. And with this chillier in STL than Alaska (WTF?) weather, I'm learning to love it even more.

3. Facebook because it lets you reconnect with those from your past. A classmate from elementary school just found me. She's married and has FIVE kids! Holy cow! I feel a little behind! But seriously, I haven't talked to her in YEARS. Go facebook for facilitating reconnections like this.

4. Christmas lights. For the low-light photography lover in me, Christmas time allows me a lot more fun than photographing neon at night. Plus, some people get really into their displays and they're a lot of fun to capture. And with the advent of the new LED lights, the colors are truer and bluer. :) And yes, more fun to photograph.

5. Snickerdoodles. Because they are buttery, cinnamonly delicious. And yes, cinnamonly is not a word, so what?

6. Labrador pups. Eight week old pups are just too adorable for words. Unfortunately they tend not to hold still long enough to get a good non-flash picture without taking a million frames.

7. Electric blankets. For the deep chill of the night, they are a lifesaver. My room has two outside walls (one outside and one large window), so I often feel like my room is one of the colder ones in the house. Without my electric blanket, I would be so very cold.

8. Christmas music. Even though I don't celebrate it, I do enjoy a good christmas carol - and bonus points if it's an old-fashioned one by singers like Bing Crosby.

9. Puffs Plus with Lotion. I've had a major attack of allergies this weekend and when that happens, I get very friendly with my Kleenex box. Thank goodness for Puffs with Lotion. They help me not resemble Rudolph.

10. Giving new toys to my pups. Some of their toys have worn out their welcome (or rather, have been loved to bits) so it was time to switch some out. The pups LOVE getting new toys and it is so worth it to see their tails wag so fast that you can hardly see them. They were both over the moon when they first got them several hours ago; and they're STILL over the moon about them now.

Almost didn't have quite enough this week - but perhaps that's because I'm shivering at my desk and want to get into my warm bed. It's TOO cold outside!

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