Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Rose & leaves

I caught up with a good friend today - a colleague-turned-friend actually. A friend whom helped me survived last year. And without whom I probably would be a different person. Seriously. She was one of the best things that came out of it.

And it reminded me how good it was to have friends both inside and outside of the business. Because when you try to explain your reasoning about work to people who don't understand it, it takes so much longer to explain. Today, she just got it. She understood me; because in some ways we're in similar situations. And we were able to discuss options easily and compare notes.

I really do enjoy the holidays because it allows all of us who live in this fast-paced world to slow down a little and reconnect with those who we've lost in touch with.

I'm gearing up to head back into the 'personal time is almost nil due to work' late next month - so I've got to learn how to treasure what free time I've got.

And I've got to go home and face the reality of my apartment.

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