Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy List, Week 2

Perfect Rose

Hey, look! I'm posting on a Monday. You'd think with all this free time, I'd have time to blog more. Maybe it's time for a new resolution... except I've already missed a few days in December... but I know I'll have reasonable access to the internet for this entire month (versus next month), so perhaps this is the way to go!

Anyhow, more on that later, on to my happy list for the week which is actually posted on a Monday! Again, in no particular order:

1. My new warm coat, scarf, gloves, hat, mittens. I've ventured up to the continental US version of Alaskan weather: Chicago. A good testing ground for my newfound winter clothes. Winners all around!

2. Really good friends from college. They're the best. I need to remember that when I'm unhappy for any reason, and call them so they can cheer me up.

3. Specifically, RT and HT for hosting me last-minute when I realized that December was slipping away quicker than I thought and I'd promised a visit! And also to RT's family for welcoming (and remembering) me as well!

4. RT for being a pilot and taking me out for a spin yesterday at dusk. Chicago is an amazing city, especially when viewed at about 3000 feet. And I have the pictures to prove it.

5. Downtown Chicago - in all of its Christmas splendor. Despite the cold, it's a great city and I'm really happy to be here!

Are you seeing a trend here?

6. My camera. I really do love it and I've been taking SO many pictures. I have lots of good subjects including RT's sister, A's lovely two pups and R&H T's adorable pup. My camera and its gear is proving itself worth every penny I paid.

7. My new-found ability to pack light. This must transfer to when I pack for Alaska. EEK!

8. My pups for just plain being cute. They are certainly loving to cuddle this time around, especially the wiggly one. I'm not complaining.

9. The West Wing because the show is brilliant. Even after Aaron Sorkin left and the really good writing went out the door, the actors can still make it watchable. Thank goodness.

10. Purple for being the in-color this season - and in exactly the shade that I adore. I love purple, but I'm super-picky about the shade.

11. Eddie Bauer and its fabulous sales. They ain't cheap, but they make excellent clothing, especially for cold weather, and their holiday discounts have made it more affordable for this gal.

12. Holiday sales in general. The economy may be tanking, and retailers may be getting desperate - but I'm certainly benefiting from it - especially when the purchase were fairly mandatory versus optional.

Hey look, I did more than 10! Guess I have a lot to be happy about this week.

(p.s. did I mention that the happy list usually pertains to the week previous?)


Lindsay said...


And I can't believe you are going to Alaska!

Ann said...

I have always liked Eddie Bauer, but I especially love them now.

I can't believe I'm going to Alaska either!!