Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy List, Week 1

Perfect Rose

I am going to try to do these on Monday... but obviously, I've missed the boat this week. In no particular order...

1. The noises that Pippin makes when she first wakes up. They're little, cute, and virtually indescribable, and will make any person melt.

2. The manner in which Tommy sleeps: upside down on his back, all stretched out, and completely relaxed.

3. The unconditional love from my adorable pups. Especially amazing when they cuddle with me (Tommy especially) and stare into my eyes like I'm the best person ever.

4. Deep-Fried (really flash-fried) Philly Roll at Drunken Fish sushi. The best sushi I have ever had. It's a Philly Roll that gets dipped lightly in a thin tempura batter and flash-fried.

5. Oliver Winery wines. Just enough sweet for me, not too sweet to alienate others.

6. Bargain shopping. Contrary to public belief, I don't love shopping, but when I need to shop, I bargain hunt like crazy. The phone helps me out on this for comparison shopping is king. If I'm going to part with my hard-earned money, I'm going to spend it wisely.

7. My iPhone, one of my favorite purchases ever. How did I ever survive without one?

8. Polartec socks. AMAZING. My new favorites.

9. Botan Rice Candy. You know those little green and red boxes from those little Asian grocery stores. They have rice paper wrapping on the candy that you can eat!

10. REI. They helped me purchase necessities for this winter without breaking the bank... much. I would've spent a lot more money elsewhere. And thank goodness for their sale!


melissa said...

hey girl, i am pretty new to the world of blogging and stumbled upon yours via fbook. lovely stuff! i too am a HUGE fan of lists - particularly the top ten list.

thanks for the distraction today!
xo m

Lindsay said...

Agreed, iPhone = AWESOME

And I love anything deep-fried