Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do you want ice cream with your sprinkles?

Rainbow Sprinkles

I can't explain it... but I'm a little obsessed with these sprinkles. They're my all-time favorite. On ice cream and especially on top of sugar cookies. I have no idea why I have a fixation on these particular ones. I don't know if its because they truly come in a rainbow of colors, including my favorite: purple. I don't know if its because of the 'taste' or the fact that it dyes the ice cream and/or cookie with its coloring.

But its mighty tasty, and lends a little extra crunch to the dessert.

And yes, that's cookies and cream ice cream underneath all those sprinkles.

I post this today because I spent the afternoon walking around in Mercer Arboretum taking about 300 pictures today (many duplicates) throughout the 70 degree afternoon. And then remembering that this is, indeed, February. Unreal.

I hope to post the highlights of today's pictures to my flickr account soon, so check it out if you'd like. I know a few of them will probably appear later on this month. I took some spectacular shots for me... I experimented a little with shutter speeds and was extremely fond of the macro setting today.

It is so tempting to start my next project: a picture from the day (or previous day). But that should be next month's project. It'll force encourage me to take a few pictures every day.


Lindsay said...

70 degrees?! Ugh, it's SNOWING here.

Dark Violet said...

See? Another reason to move here!