Sunday, February 10, 2008

February Project, Day 2

Some co-workers have begun a trend of 30-day projects (on their blogs or off), and while I was already 9 days into the month when I decided to start this blog, that won't stop me. Instead, I'll call it the February Project.

A picture and anecdote a day. Let's see how this works.


This was taken in LA when I went back to retrieve my belongings out of storage. I wanted to visit with friends and colleagues before leaving town. This was taken at my friend L's house. She and her husband had recently bought this amazing bubble-making machine for their toddler son. I think the four adults attending this gathering had far more fun than the kiddo with this machine.

Aside from the cool view of bubbles within a larger bubble, I also enjoy the reflection of our surroundings on the rainbow surface.

Oh to be a kid again - maybe I need to get one of these machines. It was far too much fun.

And by the way, the picture from yesterday? I won the second round with that photo. Time to find another 'funny' photo to submit for round three. I wonder how far I'll make in the competition.


Annie said...

That is so cool. I have told you before how much I love your photography - you have an exceptional talent and a discerning eye!

Looking forward to tomorrow!


jamiebartonmezzo said...

Well hello there! I think I have you figured out. :) And yes, we MUST hang out (since we both have some down time!) Thanks for checking out my blog!! :)

Dark Violet said...

Annie - thanks. I hope to keep you interested and entertained.

Jamie - Hahah! Slightly anonymous, but not to those who know me. :) Thanks for checking out mine!