Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tommy's Turn!

Since Little Miss Pippin has already been featured, it's Tommy's turn. It seems like just yesterday that Tommy joined our family. But that was back in 2000. When he came over to our house with a brother of his, and fell asleep on my mom's lap. That picture is one of my favorite of his. He was just a little wee thing and his chin is on my mom's lap as she sat cross-legged. We like to say that he picked us. He's the least terrier-like terrier ever. He's warm, sweet, mellow and only growly when proved by his fiesty kid sister.

He's a therapy dog which means he goes to children's hospitals and rehab centers and cheers up sick kiddos and adults alike. He charms them with his smile and amazes them with his wide cache of tricks. Sneezy? He'll bring you a Kleenex. He can fall asleep on command and he can read! And tell colors apart! Secrets? I'll never tell!


This photo was taken in an impromptu photo session. The large window in our living room was uncovered and the pups were taking turns sunning themselves in the large patch of sunlight. I had already gotten some great shots of Pippin (to be shown later on), and the three of us were waiting for the phone call announcing the arrival of my parents back home.

I'm actually tempted to say that this photo was taken either while I was on the phone with them or shortly thereafter. Somehow the lighting was right, the angle was right and he was just a grinning fool!

My pups (even though they don't live with me, they're mine) are my favorite and most cooperative subjects, so you might see a lot of them here.

He's my buddy and I miss seeing him on a daily basis. But the love he gives every time he sees me makes it so worth it. The way he cuddles with me just melts my heart.

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