Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simply Jif? Simply don't!

So, I've been trying to eat better. With all this time off and a lovely knee-high ankle brace, my aerobic activities have been somewhat limited.

When I ran out of creamy peanut butter to accompany my tart Granny Smith apples (a fav snack), I spotted this friendly-looking jar next to my usual selection (Reduced Fat Creamy - because crunchy still gives me the willies [a remnant from the losing-teeth-stage of my life]). I read the labels, and it seemed like a great choice.

After hauling the groceries up and putting them all away, I wanted a snack. So why not try out this new peanut butter.

It turns out that reduced sodium and reduced fat equals a reduction in taste. It was like spreading cardboard on my apples.

So, when it comes to Simply Jif? Simply don't!

Simply Jif?


Lindsay said...

Dude, why aren't you getting all your peanut butter from the PB factory in Galveston?!

Dark Violet said...

Laziness... next time I go, I will. :)