Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I apologize in advance to my mom, who is no fan of birds. And I often agree with her. I'm okay with them as long as they're not flying over and/or near me or waiting to gift me with an unexpected unwanted surprise.

However, I couldn't help but document this bizarre happening.

I was in Galveston last winter with some family friends and we had just walked along this windy beach. About halfway down the parking lot, we saw this motorcyclist feeding seagulls. That wasn't really bizarre. It was the manner in which he was feeding them. We walked down and chatted him up about it. He was really friendly and funny.

Feeding Seagulls

See, he was feeding them by throwing the food in the air, because, according to him, that's how they like to feed. In mid-air. And the best part? It was dog kibble that he was feeding them.

It was simultaneously frightening (too many birds flapping around in close proximity) and fascinating (never seen anything like it).

Two more days of the February project, and then its on to the new one!

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