Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parking Signs

Welcome to my blog. I haven't a witty comment or story to catch your eye, but I can start with a witty photo.

I was recently invited to participate in a photo competition on flickr, and I figure that is the best place to start with sharing a photo and its story.


This photo was taken in Windsor, Canada. My best friend and I went over the border from Detroit just for the amusement of having dinner in Canada. When we finally parked near the restaurant that we planned to eat at, we saw this sign. Almost simultaneously, we broke out our respective cameras and snapped this unbelievable sign.

Just when CAN you park there??

Too funny to not memorialize in my camera and on the web. 


Lindsay said...

These are the most bizarre parking restrictions I've ever seen. Was there really any good reason for people not to park there??

Dark Violet said...

Not that we could tell. It was a residential street just off a main-street.