Sunday, February 24, 2008


Sometimes, my mom can't believe I eat sushi. Sometimes, I agree with her. Admittedly, I'm often picky about what I eat or drink. And sometimes the idea of sushi kind of skeeves me out, but I have learnt it's an acquired taste. I'll admit, I'm far from adventurous. I'll stick to the more 'ordinary' versus the 'exotic' rolls.

In St. Louis, I have a favorite sushi place, courtesy of LA, who craved this place so much one night, that she drove us to the Central West End in a snowstorm where it ended up snowing an inch per hour. Yes, it was THAT good. They have this philly roll that they flash fry and call it 'deep fried sushi'. It is SO good. If you're ever in St. Louis, go to Drunken Fish.

But I don't live in St. Louis now, I live in Houston. So I've found a new favorite:

Blue Fish House

The food is good, the restaurant is beautiful and the parking lot is hazardous. No, seriously. It has the worst parking lot I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. It has potholes as big as my car and fairly deep. And the parking lot isn't very big either. And as I found out while at the Hobbit Cafe (they share this travesty of a parking lot), the surrounding streets don't take to random parkers very well. Beware of parking cops.

But as much as I'm trashing the parking lot, don't that deter you. Just don't go rip-roaring off Richmond into the parking lot. Or you'll regret it.

But I promise you, the sushi is worth it.

However, it is worth traversing that minefield for the food within.

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