Monday, February 18, 2008



Does this really need an explanation?

Actually, it does. This is my old phone. I bought it just under a year ago here in Houston. It got dropped once or twice, mostly on carpet... but it had long been developing this crack in the casing around the hinge. I stuck a little gaffer's tape on there (I know, I know) and it seemed fine.

And it was fine until one morning, I opened it up to snooze the alarm. I closed it again, went back to sleep and the next time I opened it, crack!

This was a big bummer. I was planning on replacing it as soon as I reached the year-long point because Sprint has this rebate program in one- and two-year increments. But, I was just days short.

Long story short, I raised a little polite hell with Sprint and ended up paying far-less-than-full-price for this phone:

I still want this though... maybe some day:

Rumor and iPhone pictures courtesy of Google Images search.


Lindsay said...

Ouch! I've dropped my phone way too many time to count, but thankfully nothing too bad has happened except a few scratches.

I like these photo/story posts. I might have to steal this

Dark Violet said...

Yeah, this is the worst that's ever happened to me with a phone. And I've been a cell phone user since 2000.

Steal away, sometimes pictures need a little help to be worth 1000 words. :)

And it's actually more fun than I thought. This month, old pictures. Next month? Maybe a picture from that day. Forcing me to take at least a few pictures each day.

We'll see.