Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 6

Today, I am thankful for good colleagues. This is both in general, and specific. I have been lucky over the last several years to have had good, even great, colleagues. Many are still friends and some, close friends.

But at my current job, I have some really great colleagues, if I do say so myself. Today, three of us were hanging out at the end of a full day and just laughing our butts off at the silliest things. It was so great to share stories, crack jokes, make unintended jokes brought on by tiredness and just laugh laugh laugh.

But really, it makes work more enjoyable to have great colleagues. So for those of you colleagues in the present, and in the past, I'm thankful for your companionship, friendship, etc.

Nothing is better than having work not seem like work because you are surrounded by good people!

Red Rose

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