Sunday, March 2, 2008


Mom's coming for a visit, so it was time for a deep-clean of the apartment. Thanks to my allergies, my apartment's gotten more than a few cleanings recently. So today's rolling-up-the-sleeves duties weren't as arduous as they could be. I try to keep my apartment fairly clean. Most of today's cleaning was more of putting things away that I leave out because it's just me around, no one to impress or annoy with my semi-clutter. My apartment was more 'lived-in' than 'dirty'.

And, I started off the day by making one of my favorite breakfasts, Swedish Pancakes. A long-time favorite which was often cooked by one of my dad's college roommates on our joint family trips or visits, it's definitely worth all the hassle of prep time and cooking time.

The only other thing on today's absolute to-do list was to relax. Mom's here for just a short time and we have a lot planned. I want to make the best of the trip. Now if only she could bring dad and the pups too...

I'm looking forward to taking a lot of good photos to share with you soon!

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