Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Project, Day 1

Welcome to March! It's time for a new project. I don't know if I'll be able to stick to it as well as the February project, especially since I'll be starting time consuming work midway through the month.

My intention is to take a few pictures every day and post them on this blog. Something that pertains to that day.

I may or may not post descriptions about the pictures or I may share thoughts I had during the day. And if I'm really hard up for ideas, I'll go back to the February Project as there are still several pictures I had hoped to share stories about.

Hopefully my life won't be too boring for you!

So without further adieu...

I hung out with my cousin today, and friends of hers from college. One of our stops was here:

I was introduced to Jamba Juice in Northern California by a good friend of mine from college. Nine times out of ten, I'll pick Jamba Juice over something like Smoothie King for my smoothie craving. I prefer fruit or fruit juice smoothies to the ones containing yogurt or other dairy products. It was definitely a tasty treat today on a slightly humid day.

Later, when dinner was a necessary thing, I was introduced to a new restaurant:

Not bad. I'm a fan of Hickory Hollow already but Goode Company wasn't bad at all. I had stuffed baked potato topped with sausage. Yum! And the portion was just right. So, another Houston restaurant to enjoy.

What was a nice slightly busy day was capped off wonderfully by an unexpected happening.

I needed to pick up some groceries for tomorrow's breakfast, so I stopped at the glitzy 24-hour Krogers near my house. I had taken just a few steps inside the door when I heard my name called out. One of the Studio singers, JB, was standing there chatting with another singer friend of hers. And moments later, JB informed me that another Studio colleague, AG, was also randomly shopping at the Krogers tonight. So JB and I ended up catching up and shopping together.

I love unexpected happenings like that! A nice start to the month, don't you think?

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