Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tonight was a trip back in time. I met up with a classmate of mine from IU. He was a MFA in lighting design when I was an undergrad in stage management. We met up for dinner (we went to Blue Fish House) and then called up a colleague of ours from there to see what he was up to. Turns out he and his entire project were at a very good Mexican place called Ninfa's. Yum. I said "Great, we'll join you for drinks- because Ninfa's has fabulous margaritas!" When we arrived, it was a whole table full of stage managers (students and professionals) and I knew TWO of them! One of my colleagues from LA was there - we had planned to meet for coffee but it was great seeing her tonight. It was so much fun - telling and hearing all sorts of stories about people I knew and people I didn't.

Tonight was fun which totally made up for the paperwork making my head want to explode at work. Sometimes a lot of energy is spent trying to figure out how to best get the information out there. That's 85% of the battle, then it's a matter of inputting it and keeping it current. Today was definitely a head exploding day.

Tomorrow, it's more studying and then another USITT evening. Wheee!!

To keep 'somewhat' in tune with the March Project, here's a picture that I was considering for a header for the blog. It was taken at IU:

Multi-Colored Pansies

Unfortunately/fortunately, the dinner ran later than I had planned and the work I brought home simply didn't get done. Ah well. Tomorrow's another day!

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