Sunday, March 23, 2008

Museum of Natural Science

We were going to go to the beach since the rain that had been predicted seemed to be not making an appearance. However, one of our party had an obligation at 6pm so that made our post-Easter Brunch departure a very short trip (considering we lose 2 hours in driving, at least.)

Instead, we decided to head to Hermann Park (which was a MADHOUSE - no surprise there). We had planned on stopping in at the Museum of Natural Science and ended up spending the entire afternoon there.

We started with the butterfly house where we watched one about to emerge from his cocoon, and some of his newly-emerged cousins dry out. Then we entered the uber-humid butterfly house and tried to snap pictures of the fast-moving residents. I really liked the butterflies that had gorgeous blue or purple on their wings, but they mostly sat around with their wings together, hiding the gorgeousness. Still, I think I got some fair shots:





Next, we visited the gem and mineral exhibit, specifically the gem vault which is home to some AMAZING gemstones:


Amythst Necklace

Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Green Emerald

Green Obelisk


As for jewelry that I wear, I'm not one for flash and huge stones and overly ornate; however, I can appreciate the gorgeousness and the sheer enormity of these stones!

Tomorrow will be a long day... and tonight's disappearing fast. I've still got much more to do!

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