Monday, March 17, 2008

First Day At Work

No picture from today, not that I was crazily busy, but it didn't really occur to me. It was great reuniting with a former colleague and seeing other regular colleagues as well.

This show will be fun, no doubt. For one, we don't have to tape out the set because we'll have it in rehearsal. This is rare in my world. Tape out the set means laying down a blueprint of the show's sets in different colors of tape. It's an interesting job, that's for sure.

Here's an example of one of the meanest tape-outs I've ever done:

Turandot Spikes

I've had the pleasure of taping this set out twice. Once, by myself, with a handful of people who were foreign to this stage management art on a day where I found out that five former schoolmates had died. All for three rehearsals - it took five hours to put down and about 30 seconds for 100+ people to pull up.

This picture is from a more recent time. This set is no fun to tape out because it not only is made up of curves but it is made up of lots of curves. And curves are *really* fun to measure out and plot points for. Let me tell you.

Yikes. At any rate, you can see why someone might jump for joy about not having to tape out a set.


Lindsay said...

Doesn't look like a fun thing to do, but it looks cool in the end...almost like an art form.

Dark Violet said...

Not fun, no. Not usually. Usually creates a giddy atmosphere where we end up cracking jokes with almost no provocation. And are usually innuendo -laced.

Sometimes it *IS* an art form. An under-appreciated art form.