Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Newfound Respect

After tonight, I have a newfound respect for moms (and dads) with young kids, especially ones who work.

Tonight, I babysat for a singer's kiddo who is three and a half-going-on-four. The kiddo was FULL of energy. He is at that delightful stage where half the time he communicates perfectly and the other half I'm sitting there going "huh?" He was like an Energizer Bunny all night.

I finally got him semi-calmed down and into PJs and thinking about bed (not really) when it was time to go downstairs and see Mom before another little rehearsal. He had some animal crackers and some Gatorade and was off like a rocket again. I need to bottle his energy and save some for the future for me.

How she chases him around all day, then comes into work and performs... amazing. I mean, I always had respect for moms and dads, especially those who work. But it's been awhile since I've babysat, especially for someone who is old enough to talk back and quick enough to run around. This kiddo wore me out over 4-5 hours.

KC, you ROCK! And so do all you other working parents-with-young-kids out there! And parents, period.

Here's a photo of his favorite toy which he dismantled over-and-over-again. Endlessly. Poor Power Ranger.

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