Saturday, March 22, 2008


A brief post, because the head still wants to explode from the amount of information accumulated in it on the show. Will have to post a picture someday of my score because as someone at work say, "it looks like Rainbow Brite threw up in/on my book."

Terribly phrased, but it really does. Frightening. But hopefully it will have me well-prepared for this show.

A few colleagues and I went to USITT's Stage Expo to walk around before work today. It was interesting, but not as interesting to us as it would have been if we were high school students in search of a college or a college student in search of a grad school. Still, we tried on some amazingly light and nifty headsets.

However, I saw the best thing ever today. It really just made me smile.

This absolutely made my day. I adore Eeyore, and he just looks amazingly cute in a headset. Doesn't he?

Snoopy. Eeyore. Winnie-the-Pooh. Favorite cartoon characters ever.

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