Friday, March 14, 2008

Losing Faith

I'm losing faith in the mail/package delivery services. No kidding.

I have little faith in my local branch - because I recently received mail that was sent in mid-February. Thank goodness that the accurate paperwork actually got to me. It was important. They also lost a package from home with mail, and more importantly, tax documents. That was sometime in mid-February.

Taxes make my head hurt, and because I work in so many states, it is easier to pay someone else to make sense of those insane documents. So I accumulated all the right papers and info and sent them off to my tax preparer at the end of February.

I hadn't heard anything and my mom called this morning about another document that she found. (Not a terribly important one, but we'll eventually need it). So I emailed my tax preparer and asked her if we should send or fax it to her. She responded and then mentioned she hadn't gotten my taxes yet.

My heart dropped. I had sent them certified and return receipt and purposely from a different branch than my own. I tossed the label # in their tracking system and found out that it had indeed arrived in the post office there 10 days ago. After a few calls were made, they confirmed they'd received it in California, but had no idea where it was. They're investigating, but they also said it's possible it has been returned me. Considering how I get mail here, it may be awhile before I find out.

So if you send something to me, give me a head's up, will ya?

But that's only half the rant: FedEx gave my parents the run-around recently too over something stupid. It just kind of drives me up the wall.


Now that I'm done with my rant for now... how about some cuteness?

Side by Side

I feel a bit better.

And next year, I'm going to learn how to do my own taxes. Nothing against my current tax preparer, but I don't want to entrust important documents to the USPS more than necessary.


Lindsay said...

I'll show you how to do your taxes! (Although considering I got audited by the IRS, maybe that's not such a good idea?)

Dark Violet said...


You got audited because someone else was dumb, not because of a mistake you made.

And someone sort of made a similar mistake with me (though not as large), so maybe I'll be audited too...

we'll be twins! LOL