Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wonderful Day

Folks, I have had a wonderful day.

First of all, the sky was clear and no rain to be seen. The weather was delightfully crisp. And the sun was shining. There were four main factors to today's wonderful day:

Bayou Bend.  I braved the slightly disconcerting suspension bridge to the gardens (yes, I'm a wimp about heights and moving bridges).  Mom and I wandered around the gorgeous gardens on Ima Hogg's estate. Ms. Hogg was very fond of pink. The azaleas were in full bloom and the grounds impressive

Galveston. We made the fairly smooth and easy drive down to the Texas Coast. Upon arrival, we had the requisite seafood (what else would one have when you go to the Coast?) and then visited the antique shops. Opening night gifts for "Billy Budd" were acquired as well as exploring several other stores on the Strand. We drove to a beach I had visited a year ago where the sand is littered with shells. We spent awhile combing the sand for fully intact shells which are amazingly easy to find. In fact, we encountered a gorgeous one, complete with resident: 

Shell and Crab

Blue Fish House. As mentioned here, I've become a sushi fan. Mom definitely wanted to find out what I've been talking about. We met up with WM and had a sushi feast. But the night wasn't over yet.

Chocolate Bar. What a way to finish out the night. Going to the mecca of chocolate, drooling over all the possibilities and indulging ourselves in some absolutely divine ice cream (chocolate-flavored of course - their uber-chocolatey cookie dough for me, espresso-infused chocolate ice cream for mom) Did I mention that tonight was live jazz night and the 4-man group was delightful?

What a wonderful day. 

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